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and getting involved there in a different way. there's syria where the president has kept the u.s. mostly removed but could get more involved. there's of course -- >> often we heard the criticism has this president done enough. but it's typically in the second term the president trying to really step in. would that be correct? >> that's generally the way things have gone and president obama would say he's had his hands full. the economy is still in bad shape and he's been working on that. now, as the economy starts to improve, he'll be in a situation maybe to take more of a role. >> i hope you come back to see us. thank you for coming. this is edward i saac dloois dovere: we'll be right back. >>> making headlines, bono will be at georgetown tonight. he will speak with creating change to the power of social movement. he's best known for music but he has been a force behind many organizations that promote positive change. he was named time magazine's person of the year in 2005. >> christmas tree is headed to dc. made a stop in denver. part of its three week 5,000 mile cross country road tri
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1